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Brand Hosting

At Ebony Seed we believe in building, scaling and bringing sustainable & ethical brands to the forefront. We do this through our brand hosting service, which provides an omni-channel distribution sales platform at low cost whilst mitigating financial and operational risk.  

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Material Sourcing

Ebony Seed’s material sourcing provides brands with a local, sustainable supply chain that look to create sustainable collections through repurposed textile.

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Interactive Commerce (I-Comm)

Our interactive field market research service offers brands a way to better engage with their addressable target market, by providing bespoke R&D solutions through ethnographic data.

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Closed-Loop Consignment

This service offers a way for you to monetise your old, pre loved clothing and accessories through our consignment programme. If you are looking for a way to sustainably dispose of your pre-loved items, whilst being compensated? Please get in touch with our team at hello@ebonyseed.ie.

Slow Fab-Lab

Slow Fabrication Lab for sustainable producers, creatives, and brands to access a range of digital craft and product machines for low-batch production, labelling, and display within Ebony Seed and online.