Welcome to Ebony Seed!

Welcome to Ebony Seed!

Hello there, sustainable living enthusiast - welcome to Ebony Seed. The circular fashion marketplace providing closed-loop solutions for sustainable businesses and post-consumer textile. We are an Irish based organisation that works with many international brands and designers. We have a diverse range of services to offer for both brands and consumers such as:

  • Brand Hosting: At Ebony Seed we believe in building, scaling and bringing sustainable & ethical brands to the forefront. We do this through our brand hosting service, which provides an omni-channel distribution sales platform at low cost whilst mitigating financial and operational risk.
  • Closed-Loop Consignment: Consignment service offers a way for you to monetise your old, pre-loved clothing and accessories through our Recirculate Not Accumulate programme. Looking for a way to ethically dispose of your pre-loved items, whilst being rewarded? Please get in touch with our team at hello@ebonyseed.ie.
  • Interactive Commerce: Our interactive field market research service offers brands a way to better engage with their addressable target market, by providing bespoke R&D solutions through ethnographic data.
  • Carbon-Neutral Material Sourcing: Ebony Seed’s material sourcing provides brands with a local, sustainable supply chain that look to create sustainable collections through repurposed textile.
  • Design as a Service: we collaborate with sustainable designers to develop their products by offering them a space to test their sustainable products (often remanufactured goods), gather consumer data about its market potential, and offer exhibition space for them to retail these products to customers at a commissioned rate to cover our hosting costs.
  • Sustainable Education Services: part of building a sustainable community has been through the development of Green Screen, our sustainable podcast, and delivery of workshops and training in sustainable fashion, natural health, toxic-free living with an eye for branding such activities and placing them on a digital platform.


We are excited to share ever more increasing positive news in the months to come and we look forward to welcoming all of you to our new space, which is soon to be announced.

Recirculate Not Accumulate

For now, much love.

Team Ebony Seed

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